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Global trend of solar price and introduction of auction mechanism

This is the theme of the workshop organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in cooperation with the World Bank on February 21, in Hanoi. Participating in the seminar were Mr. Pham Trong Thuc – Head of the Department of New Energy and Renewable Energy (under the General Department of Energy, Ministry of Industry and Trade), experts of World Bank in Vietnam, representatives of Energy Agency Create International (IRENA), Electricity of Vietnam, …

Vietnam aims to have 12 GW solar power by 2030. Photo: EVNEIC

Franz Gerner, World Bank Energy Coordinator, said the World Bank is committed to supporting the development of solar power in Vietnam, including strategic planning; Solar power construction on the roof; Training staff, energy experts and financing sources to implement the program, …

According to experts, the biggest challenge for the development of solar power in Vietnam is the current tariff is not attractive to investors, the rate of investment in solar power is very high, the government has not promulgated the sale price On the other hand, investors have not been able to access the capital support but have to use domestic capital, most of the equipment is imported so the selling price is high.

At the workshop, experts from the World Bank and IRENA also proposed new methods of solar surveying and solar mapping for Vietnam; At the same time, introduce the trend of solar price in the world, the price of solar power in developing countries, the mechanism of solar auctions and how to implement it, as well as practical experience from some countries. representative.

Attending the seminar, Mr. Dinh Quang Tri – Deputy General Director of the Group highly appreciated some solutions that World Bank experts have made and said that these consultants are very useful for the actual situation of EVN.

According to Deputy General Director Dinh Quang Tri, EVN wants the World Bank to continue to accompany and support the Group to mobilize enough financial resources for the development of solar energy – clean and sustainable energy sources according to the target. The Government of Vietnam has set out.

According to the National Renewable Energy Development Strategy, by 2030, Vietnam will have 12 GW of solar power.

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