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2016, profit reached 20% EVNCHP than planned

In 2016, the economic situation is stable and no significant change but it is a disadvantage and challenging year in hydropower production in the central region. However, with the striving its utmost to accomplish the goals set forth Board, JSC Central Hydropower (EVNCHP) has solutions to synchronize production and business operation of the plant A Luoi hydropower achieved encouraging results.

Production and business operations increasingly effective bridge EVNCHP

With the determination to overcome all difficulties, right from the first, decisive leadership EVNCHP sticks to plan to operate uniformly in all phases of the procurement of materials and equipment, organizing the safe operation of the unit , appropriate pricing strategy, coordination reasonable amount of water generator, calculate the time the state prison, convent units … Therefore, production and business results of the company in 2016 was very positive; revenue targets, profit exceeded the plan; loss transformers and automatic power save even more.

Specifically, the power output produced nearly 634.5 million kWh, reaching 106% of the plan; the rate of loss of auxiliary power and MBA is 0.73% (the plan is 1%); revenue more than 658.8 billion, 109% higher than planned; Profit more than 256, 3 billion, 120% higher than planned

After 4 years of operation (as of 12/31/2016), A Luoi hydropower plants found on the national grid with power output of 2.75 billion kWh more; 2845 sales reached more than billion; budget on taxes and other obligations nearly 435 billion.

Besides manufacturing business achieved good results, EVNCHP always focused on the protection and regeneration of the environment and sustainable development. Accordingly, the Company has been implementing alternative planting 145 hectares of forest affected by construction of A Luoi hydropower project. Among them, 2015, the Company has implemented alternative planted in 72.85 hectare factory area of Hong Ha commune. 2016, the company started to replace reforestation projects in the area of A Luoi hydropower reservoir with an area of 75.25 hectares.

The main objective of the plan is to plant forests instead reimburse forest land recovered during clearance building Luoi hydropower projects; forest development to meet the needs of environmental protection, improve forest cover, ecological environment, reduce erosion reservoir; efficient use of submerged land in the reservoirs of A Luoi hydropower project …

EVNCHP always pay attention to the protection and regeneration of the environment

In addition, also held EVNCHP drop nearly 20 thousand varieties of fish such as: copy, sesame, carp, perch … to renewable fisheries resources for A Luoi hydropower reservoirs.

In addition to A Luoi hydropower plant, EVNCHP are implementing solar projects. To date, the Company completed application file for investment policy solar energy project in Ninh Thuan province (with an area of 399.4 hectares, estimated capacity of 170MW) and Dak Nong (129ha, 50 MW ).

About CDM project, the company is 492 704 CERs generated by the project from 01/1/2013 – 09/30/2014 to the account of the Executive Committee pending CDM (EB) has not been allocated for the purchase and conducted surveillance accordance with CERs from 01/10/2014 – 12/31/2016.

Besides professional work, actively participate EVNCHP activities of social organizations such as sport festival CNVC-LD Corporation Central Power, involved in public relations, volunteer summer 2016, participate in blood donation volunteering, cultural performances along with EVNCPC youth League, organized the tennis, football 12 years anniversary of establishment of the company …

Additionally, Company employees are enthusiastic to participate in social activities, gratitude movement, the work of caring for her mother and participation VNAH social assistance fund. Employees have contributed their salaries to support the new rural construction, building houses for families and sick soldiers, construction of multi-functional culture in Changsha, support families in poor districts and employees accident workers.

Truong Cong Gioi – CEO EVNCHP said: “In 2017, we strive to implement the objectives: completing sales target of 628 billion; completion planned after-tax profit of 213 billion; completing additional documented planning and investment guidelines apply to new projects. “