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Hydropower Company Taking “Quality – Performance – Development” as Guiding Principle

Hydropower Company Taking “Quality – Performance – Development” as Guiding Principle

Hydropower plays an extremely important role, constitutes a vital element of the electricity sector, and ensures sufficient power supply for economic development. Being fully aware of this, Central Hydropower Joint Stock Company (EVNCHP), set up 2004, always takes “Quality – performance – development” as the guiding principle for its business operations. The company is hence confident to affirm its outstanding position in the industry.

Development milestones
Staffed by senior specialists with extensive work experience at A Luoi hydropower project, EVNCHP adopted many practical policies to overcome operating hardships on complicated terrains and became a publicly traded power company. The company made VND411.89 billion of revenue and VND197.7 billion of profit in the first and second quarters of 2017. The commercial power output reached 504.3 million kWh as of August 2017, generating revenue of VND511.9 billion, an increase of 300.3 million kWh of electricity and VND277.9 billion of revenue over 2016.

In addition, the company is also very active in social development works like funding social support funds, assisting the poor and fostering Vietnamese heroic mothers.

“Looking back on the company’s development history, we see that the current proud success has come from ongoing efforts, solidarity and unity of the leadership and the staff, from valuable supports of founding shareholders and the Board of Directors, and from the trust and support of partners. Proudly, the company has received a lot of certificates of merit from EVN Group, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Prime Minister, Da Nang City and Thua Thien Hue Province. Specially, EVNCHP was honoured to receive the Third-class Labour Order from the President of Vietnam,” said Mr. Truong Cong Gioi, General Director of EVNCHP.

Definitely, hydropower remains one of three main sources of energy in the country until the present time and in the near future. Knowing this, in 2007, EVNCHP started construction on 170-MW A Luoi hydropower plant in Thua Thien Hue province, capable of generating 649 million kWh of electricity a year. The more than VND3.2-trillion project marked an important milestone in the company’s development history.

Towards sustainable development
With the current success, the company set out specific strategies for the coming period. EVNCHP targets to become the best-performing power producer and trader in central Vietnam in 2015-2020. The company’s objectives are to supply electricity, ensure electricity quality, strengthen sustainable cooperation with shareholders and partners; build a professional, dynamic, creative, effective, humane and socially responsible work environment; stably, continuously and safely operate electricity production, plant and equipment to achieve designed output; engage in competitive electricity generation market, optimise reservoir usage to attain the highest revenue and sell electricity at lower than market-average price; and become an effective wholesaler and trader of electricity in 2017-2019.

In the current context of globalisation, apart from exercising good corporate social responsibility (CSR), environmental protection will help the company to improve competitiveness, penetrate into global markets, and achieve sustainable development. Hence, EVNCHP not only focuses on building customer trust with best product quality but also on making environment-friendly products. In the coming time, EVNCHP will apply many solutions and innovations to invest in renewable energy production such as solar power and wind power. The company will also apply Vietnamese and international environmental management systems in all plants.

For hydropower producers like EVNCHP, residential resettlement is one of the toughest hardships in hydropower plant investment. Gioi hoped that the government will have effective solutions to figure out this puzzle while localities will consider building big reservoirs downstream to better serve crop cultivation and animal husbandry and regulate water in the raining season. Meanwhile, people are necessarily informed of disaster prevention, forest protection and illegal logging prevention. “With ultimate determination, EVNCHP will fully exploit hydropower potential to meet the increasing demand for electricity, thus playing a greater part in energy development strategy of the province and of the country in general,” he concluded.

Kim Kim

Vietnam Business Forum

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