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EVNCHP is an independent accounting unit, production and business activities according to the certificate of business registration No. 3203000503 dated 14 May 03 2007 (first registration: 12.13.2004 Date) of the Department of Planning and Investment Danang investment.

Capital: VND 1,259,950,110,000.
– Main business sectors

  • Production, transmission and distribution of electricity;
  • Management consultancy activities: Consulting Construction of power projects; Project management consultancy hydropower projects;
  • Construction and installation of irrigation works, hydro, cable works, electrical substation, construction traffic;
  • Dredging of the lake;
  • Construction and civil engineering industry;
  • Architectural and engineering activities and technical consultancy related;
  • Exploitation of stone, sand, gravel and clay;
  • Marine aquaculture;
  • Plant trees and take care of the trees;
  • Business real estate, land use rights of the owner, the owner or lessee to use;
  • Short-stay services;
  • Restaurant and catering services for mobile service;
  • Travel agents;
  • Activities other entertainment;


  • Danang Industrial Zone, An Hai Bac Ward, Son Tra District, HCMC. Da Nang, Vietnam.
  • Phone: 0511.3959110
  • Fax: 0511.3935960
  • Email: bbtwebchp@gmail.com – Website: chp.vn
  • Ticker: CHP

The project was implemented:

A Luoi Hydropower Plant: Construction in the province of A Luoi District of Thua Thien Hue province, with a capacity of 170MW, power output of 649 million kWh per year. Its construction started in 2007 and operates power generation in May 5/2012.

Oriented development strategy company in 2015-2020

* Visibility: JSC Central Hydropower Sustainable Development, becoming one of the joint-stock company engaged in production, trading most efficient electric central region.

* Mission: To provide electricity, power quality assurance, in the spirit of sustainable cooperation with shareholders and partners. Building a professional work environment, dynamic, creative, efficient and humane, socially responsible.

* The strategic goal by the end of 2020:

+ Operating Generators: Ensuring the stability, continuity, security of persons, buildings and equipment to make the average power output design for many years.

+ Electricity market:

-Take Part in competitive electricity market, optimal implementation thaac reservoirs reached the highest sales with the average selling price of higher annual contract prices.

Ash into the wholesale power unit and signed a contract to sell / buy electricity units bilateral buy / sell electricity in the years 2017-2019.

+ Investment projects: Investment in one or two hydro projects in the area of ​​the Central Highlands.

+ Increased revenue and profit: From the production and trading of electricity, financial investments, other activities and optimizing costs to achieve annual dividend of 10%.

Commendation forms were achieved:




Merit People’s Committee of Da Nang City

742 / KT dated 07/5/2007; 1722-QD-Committee dated 07/3/2011




Merit MOIT

Decision No. 566 / QD-VP dated 29/03/2004, No. 1687 / QD-BCT dated 14/03/2008, No. 1491 / QD-BCT dated 24/03/2009



Certificate of Merit complete outstanding tasks of the Party 3 years Danang sector


Merit Prime Minister

No. 1643 / QD-TTg dated 31/8/2010




Merit successfully completed 5 consecutive years the task of Danang Party Committee


3rd Class Labor Medal

No. 1804 / QD-CTN dated 11/1/2012


Merit Vietnam Electricity

No. 1182 / QD-EVN shortly 26/12/2014 of Vietnam Electricity


Dated 11.30.2004. Hydropower Joint Stock Company Central (EVNCHP) was officially established on the basis of a partnership agreement between the four units: the Electricity Corporation of South (EVNSPC), General Central Power Company (EVNCPC), General power company Hanoi (EVNHaNoi) and Vietnam electricity (now transferred to the Corporation generator 1 (EVNGENCO1) to invest in building A Luoi hydropower plant with capacity of 170MW in District A Thua Thien Hue grid.


Spent 12 years building and growing, overcoming many difficulties and challenges, with the efforts tireless EVNCHP staffs have achieved good results in the face of their activities. The early days of establishment, the personnel of EVNCHP only 12 people, with a lot of surprise in the work of construction investment and socio-economic conditions especially difficult high mountain areas where investment A Luoi hydropower project.

Under these circumstances, the Board has determined EVNCHP key task of the development strategy for 2006-2007 is to establish management systems and implementation of investment preparation. Along with the efforts and determination of all staff and consultants, supported by the Government, the Ministry of local government departments, the founding shareholders. EVNCHP has successfully completed the tasks set up, browser investment report, is the Prime Minister allows investors and complete the procedures to date 06/30/2007, A Luoi hydropower project started construction marks an important step forward in the investment project and is a milestone in the construction process, maturity of a Luoi hydropower plant JSC and Central hydropower today.

If the period 2005-2007 is considered the beginning of the development strategy for the first time, the period from 2007-2012 is considered the development strategy for the second time – the construction phase of the project. Since the work started, a big construction site is open to so many trials and tribulations, sometimes almost insurmountable. The world economy for 2008-2010 recession in crisis, price volatility, interest rates and high inflation. Government credit tightening to curb inflation, the project has stalled due time contractors do not have access to loans. Besides, A Luoi District – EVNCHP locality investment projects located in border areas, mountainous and difficult travel conditions, inclement weather, the average annual rainfall is 3415mm on a big challenge for construction works, geological conditions complicated, often eroded, adding that consecutive to succumb to the storms and floods made history project progress seriously affected.

However, thanks to the attention of the Government, the relevant ministries, the close guidance of EVN, the enthusiastic help of the government party, the Departments of Thua Thien Hue province, VDB Bank branch Hue, Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and rural development Saigon Branch, the consent and support of the government and people of A Luoi District, the relevant units … helped EVNCHP focused direction join forces construction work in a coordinated and effective.

Recalling the difficult period but with determination, the General Director Truong Cong About EVNCHP said “From the investor to the construction and installation contractors, from design consultancy to supervision consultant and project quality other relevant units have tried to emulate the production workers with aspirations move mountains, fill the tank, overcome difficulties and challenges of nature and overcoming financial difficulties with the spirit dare to think, dare to do to complete investment into the project “. To date 01/5/2012, complete tunnel filling with water, the flow moving through the tunnel spin generators serve no load test on Unit 1 day 3 hours 43 minutes 10.05.2012. 20.05.2012 Date completed testing 72 hours Unit No. 1 and official commercial power generation. This is an important historic moment marked the transition from the investment in capital construction business into production of EVNCHP.


Today, in the region of A Luoi hydropower project, the village between the mountains and forests withered CTS is change meat every day, but new homes, schools, roads, health centers have been built right centers and resettlement areas, convenient for living and learning of children of local tribesmen.

To implement the directive of the Thua Thien Hue Provincial People’s Committee and the resolutions of the shareholders’ general meeting, 2012 EVNCHP has supported 5 billion to build bridges across the Kalo Xeroon, Kalum District, Sekong province in Laos.

Besides investment, production and business, corporate activities were focused company, cultural and sports movements are organized regularly, attracted employees involved, rights for workers guaranteed full contribution to the State tax.

Looking back construction and mature with many hardships, to achieve a proud achievement today is a process of striving to forge long-term, the unity of the leadership and the entire company employees, attention help of founding shareholders, the Board and the trust in favor of entities within and outside the industry.

Noting the efforts of the leaders and staff of the company in recent years. EVNCHP received several Merit of the level of EVN and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Prime Minister, People’s Committee of Da Nang City, Thua Thien Hue … Especially the company has been honored by President Class Labor Medal father.

Hopefully, with the results achieved and the joint efforts of all staff unanimously EVNCHP breakthroughs will bring efficiency to the shareholders and the company, contributing to building the homeland more prosperous.

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