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Need determination and consensus

Innovative thinking, enhance transparency and efficiency in the work, the units under EVN is taking steps to develop and apply KPI. So, what units were deployed when the new mode of governance?

Mr. Nguyen Chi Huang – Head Organization and Staffing, Consulting Joint Stock Company Electrical Construction 3 (PECC3): Bringing confidence to workers
Start applying KPI from 2013 and have to say that, thanks to the strong determination of the leadership, to now has operated smoothly PECC3 administration tools at all levels and this new individual.

When applied, even middle management team of the Company nor zeal with KPI, partly because of afraid to change, in part they suspect that, whether this new tool provides effective and reliable ? Along with that, the transport system bound by norms of work – together with income is what most of the workers do not want, while familiar with the story of “fairness in distribution of wages and income”. Therefore, when applying KPI, based on the results to paid work, many people reduced earnings and explain policy requirements, mode …

However, anticipated these difficulties, at the beginning, the company’s leaders have established clear regulations and consistent; clearly define the purpose, principles, criteria and evaluation methods KPI … should any questions employees are promptly explained, satisfactorily. In particular, the company is stepping up propaganda about the benefits KPI to each employees, thereby, bringing trust to employees.
PECC3 also very thoughtful preparation of the technical process and the construction of KPI. To communicate and assess the work done by each unit / individual efficiently and accurately, the Company has reviewed and reallocated conducting matrix for the parts function by concentrating , deep specialization, erasing a 1 function but scattered in various departments / individuals, difficult to determine the scope of responsibility …
Annually, the Board of Directors set the target system with 4 full-year outlook: Finance; Customer; Internal processes; Learning and development. Based on the functions and responsibilities of the department, this target system is allocated to the department, with the quantified criteria clear, specific and uniform way of record results. Similar to the above steps, the delivery of key targets for individuals to also be implemented in a uniform.

In particular, the PECC 3, the construction of long-term development orientation, with the objectives, targets have been described in the strategic diagram. This is an integral part of the deployment process KPI.

So far, after nearly four years of application, KPI has shown the ability to be an effective tool in managing, management of PECC3. The company not only helps control synchronous implementation indicators, KPI also helps managers plan, solutions timely action to ensure the ultimate goal is to complete the annual plan, the current realizing strategic business development. In particular, instead of psychological apprehension ago, now the entire system of company KPI operates a smooth, cohesive responsibility of individuals, departments with common goals and unique: Putting companies increasingly sustainable development.

Nguyen Vinh Quang – Managing Director Hydropower Project 6: Top management units must really into the
In essence, the application of KPI is a process of “restructuring” ways of operating and construction management work towards governance in the unit in the direction of increasing professionalism and transparency; at the same time is a measure of the performance of individuals and organizations. Starting from the fourth quarter / 2015 and by 2016, the Management Board (MB) 6 Hydroelectric Project officially launched construction KPI system.


Accordingly, the Board has determined consultant content focus of the unit such as: mission, core values, vision and strategies for the medium and long-term development; review and standardize the organizational structure, system functions and titles of the Board during the period 2016 – 2020 … Since then, building a system of titles, job descriptions; assessment system work results. So far, according to the initial observations, clearly describing the work, assess the capacity of each position over the volume and efficiency of work, have contributed to promote each staff relatively positive changes in behavior , work attitude … Thereby, gradually improving labor productivity.
However, the unit was established on the basis of the Management Board of the Tri An Hydropower project (already over 30 years), the force, a core human resources most were older (average age of employees is 49 years old ) should a change of thinking, following KPI system is difficult, takes time …
Project management is the sum of knowledge and expertise; the project is a common product, so the location quantified for each title is difficult to describe all the scope, nature and characteristics of work … In addition, through descriptive job titles in each position shows, the need to organize, reorganize appropriate personnel, including professional training, professional and soft skills to meet the requirements. This is a significant challenge and will take time.
KPI is an effective administrative tool, the highest leader of the Hydropower Project Management Board and management staff six departments had plans to settle the situation logically personnel achieve justice, as stipulated and high humane when restructuring the organization and apparatus, with the goal of applying an effective KPI.
Mr Tang Nai Tong – Deputy General Director of the Electricity of Ho Chi Minh City (EVNHCMC): Specifying the objectives and strategies for each position


However starters BSC implementation (Balanced Scorecard) – KPI from early 2016, but so far, this system has brought many positive results EVNHCMC. In particular, thanks to the BSC-KPI, the Corporation has concretized objectives and strategies of the norms, specific plans for each of the employee positions. The targets assigned under the 4 specific contents: Finance, customers, internal processes, and training and development. At the same time, the Corporation has also developed a tool to test, monitor and evaluate the exact plan.
KPI also helped lead the executive level, job control lower-level parts. Since then, detection and timely adjustment of the stages, the work location is not appropriate; generate rhythmic activity between departments through the process, the data can be measured and assessed.

With employees, KPI helps employees to change perceptions when personal interests associated with the interests of the unit; effective income associated with job performance. Especially, with the building regulations commendation clear incentive for individuals who have created excellent staff motivation to maximize their capabilities at work.
Still have achieved initial results, but due to the new application of a short time, may not be aware of the effectiveness of applying BSC-KPI, should also have a division employees have not had a positive attitude, support. In addition, the job description of each position, titles previously not clearly defined outputs and efficiency of each job, so when building KPI, the Corporation must be quantified in many targets to notable.
However, with the commitment and determination to implement the Corporation’s leadership, EVNHCMC has continued to build, improve KPI management system to deploy more effectively in the future.
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